Healthy Plantations

Rose Farming in Polyhouse

Healthy Raddish

Lovely Cucumbers

Healthy fields with various Plants

Healthy Pineapples

Farmers will be out of distress. Farmers will realise the potential of their lands. Village will be vibrant with happiness all around. Village workers will look like exurbanites! Wages for lifetime will end destitution immediately. Business enterprise will look after its shareholder's needs, like loans for marriage or wellness needs and any such financial needs. Overtime, wealth creation can address education, public health and other developmental activities. Cattle will be taken care and used for organic farming. Farmer's children must not be farmers. They must get education and move ahead in life. Need for labour on the lands will be taken-over by machines that are already in use in developed world. This is why agriculture must turn into an industry.

Consequences of this action