Emancipation of Small and Marginal Farmers

The Site is about resurrection of small and marginal farmers by an innovative and a Sustainable effort

How can we revive Indian Agriculture? Lets see what strengths we have: 1. Large arable lands - 182 million hectares! 2. Weather window all 12 months of the year. 3. Huge market within the country. 4. Excellent infrastructure in transportation. 5. Over 240 million farmers who have no employment. 6. 60% of our youth wish to become entrepreneurs rather be employee. 7. Adequate capital is available for many start-ups. 8. Enough water in our rivers if these can be linked. What are the opportunities we have: 1. Farmers can pool their lands and join with non-exploitative entrepreneurs. 2. Form a company and guarantee farmers on land safety. 3. Farmers will receive salary like a factory worker and look after their family for daily needs. 4. Entrepreneurs will engage technologists and marketers to realise the best value for the produce. 5. Innovative ways to market by Solar Drying Vegetables can store in less space / weight / long shelf life. Opportunity for exports are possible. 5. Thus farming will be a boon for both farmers and entrepreneurs. 5. Release farmers from the drudgery of production and marketing so that they can realise the "ease of living" and educate their children and look after their families better. 6. Land fragmentation can stop as farmers can register division of their lands to children with Registrar's office. Agriculture can catapult the economy. ********* Raghavan March 24, 2018