* Yes, indeed. As small and marginal farmers cannot conduct agricultural operations independently, they must pool their lands into large tracts and enjoin with entrepreneurs, who are looking at agriculture as a way of doing a business to earn money. This will make the four factors of production in unison and create wealth. * When this will happen, farmers need not worry about production and marketing as these will be done by experts in agriculture and marketing. Farmers will work on the lands and get paid monthly salary like a factory worker. Farmers then can look after their family and educate their children. * Assure them that their lands will be safe and give a written guarantee, like a guaranteed under the Common Seal of the company they will register. * Treat them with dignity and respect and work with peace and happiness. *The investor should create a professional team to run the business of agriculture competently. The capital they bring in can be remunerated by paying interest at say 9% p.a. * Equity shares can be issued to farmers based on their land valuation and similarly to the investors on his matching capital. *Install a Management Team comprising of intelligent farmers and professionals in Agriculture Management, headed by a CEO, in to conduct scientific farming. * A Lokpal will be installed to look after any disputes with the team. The stagnant agriculture will get off to a flying start.

Is there a way out?